Web Development / "Cloud Services"

We build beautiful, usable and functional web applications of any scale and to any scale - simple or complex customer portals; e-commerce sites; phone applications; application and process management; or even fully featured desktop replacement applications.

Whatever your product or service, talk to us about building it as a cloud service. Cloud services have enjoyed an exponential growth in popularity for some very good reasons: the ubiquity of the browser as a client; the ability to access your application from anywhere without installing any software; and the ability to update and maintain without distributing and installing new software.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

The following web applications represent just samples of the work we have done and the applications we have built but they provide examples of e-commerce / payments, large scale projects, customer portals and more.

  • IXP Manager

    IXP Manager is a web application with associated scripts and utilities which will allow Internet Exchange Points to manage new customers, provision new connections and services and monitor traffic usage. It also has a self contained customer portal allowing IXP members to view their traffic statistics.

    IXP Manager was developed as part of our work with INEX who have released it under an open source license. The project is hosted here on GitHub.

  • WINI Technologies

    WINI uses mobile phone technology to match available taxi drivers with customers who dial a number to get a localised service.

    Open Solutions have developed and continue to manage a combined customer portal, driver portal and admin portal which includes CRM, billing and invoice management, payment, reporting, mapping, application processing and more. Read more in our WINI Technologies case study.

  • IPv6 Ready

    IPv6 Ready is an initiative to promote the uptake of IPv6 in the Internet and broader business communities in Ireland. The website was developed and is managed by Open Solutions.

    We're IPv6 Ready. Are you?

  • TallyStick

    We wanted something better. So we built it. A simple service with no unnecessary steps.

    TallyStick takes care of tracking your time for invoicing, while you focus on what you love to do.


ICE are the leading providers of professional IT system solutions to the Irish Credit Union industry. Open Solutions designed, developed, host and maintain a secure multi-lingual on-line banking application which is templated and rolled out for individual credit unions on their CU 24/7 brand. Examples include Four Corners and Gweedore Credit Unions.


ViMbAdmin is a mailbox administration tool which we built to showcase our talent and some of the latest developments in web technology (at the time).

We have released it under an open source license to give back to the community from which we benefit so greatly. It can be found here.