Internet Infrastructure

We are Internet Infrastructure specialists. We are your Internet Infrastructure specialists.

Open Solutions designs, builds and manages the Internet infrastructure companies with a single web property to some of Ireland's largest Internet and application service providers.

Whatever your project - contact us to discuss fully how we can help you.

Our technical expertise spans the entire Internet infrastructure stack, from application servers to virtualisation and cloud hosting and right through to the most complex core networks for Ireland's largest ISPs. Just some of the areas where we provide infrastructure services are:

  • Operating systems (Linux, Unix) and networking systems (Cisco, Brocade, Juniper);
  • Virtualisation, cloud and hosted solutions;
  • Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL);
  • Enterprise management solutions (automated and remote backup systems, storage technologies, infrastructure monitoring);
  • Security products (firewalls such as Cisco ASA, mail filtering, network penetration testing, site and network audits);
  • Server farms with N+1 or greater redundancy and true load-balancing;
  • Multi-site critical service provision (DNS; AAA; web servers; mail servers; database servers; VoIP platforms; administrative functions; web caches, content filtering and proxies);
  • Office installations for a robust, future proof and secure LAN including office firewalls, DMZs, multiple Internet gateways, QOS, Internet proxy servers and content filtering, e-mail SPAM and virus protection, remote worker/office access via VPN as well as management and monitoring technologies).

Sample Customers

INEX - Ireland's Internet Exchange Point -

INEX is the heart of Ireland's Internet and is a neutral, industry owned Association that provides IP peering facilities across five data centres in Dublin with traffic levels exceeding 50Gbps on a regular basis. Open Solutions' provides a managed service to INEX where we help ensure the smooth running of the exchange, assist with the administration of the switching fabric, provide member support, and develop INEX's provisioning and management systems.

MummyPages - was established in 2009 as a resource for parents across Ireland. The website quickly became popular with mums who liked their down to earth style and commentary on issues that affect Irish parents and kids. Open Solutions were engaged in 2011 to help build out and manage their infrastructure as their popularity and traffic levels continue to grow exponentially. Their UK site,, was also launched in 2012. We provide Amazon Web Services using AWS technologies which include EC2, EBS, CloudFront, Route 53, VPC and Load Balancers.

Imagine Broadband -

imag!ne have been the number one alternative to eircom for the past 6 years for Irish businesses. imag!ne is our oldest customer and we have provided a wide spectrum of services to them over the years starting with the design, build and management of the DSL broadband service to 30,000 customers across Ireland.