ViMbAdmin Virtual Mailbox Administration

The ViMbAdmin project (vim-be-admin) provides an web based virtual mailbox administration system to allow mail administrators to easily manage domains, mailboxes and aliases. ViMbAdmin is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.

ViMbAdmin was written in PHP using our own web application framework which includes the Zend Framework, the Doctrine ORM and the Smarty templating system with JQuery and Bootstrap.

ViMbAdmin is hosted on its own GitHub project page where you can find documentation, browse the source code and access our Git repository. We have also set up a Google Groups discussion group or you can follow the blog posts on our MD's personal site.

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Standard and enhanced features from Postfix Admin include:

  • Super admin(s) user level with full access;
  • Admin(s) user level with access only to assigned domains and their mailboxes and aliases;
  • Super admins can create and modify super admins and admins;
  • JQuery Datatable throughout for quick in browser searching and pagination;
  • Create, modify and purge domains including limited the number of mailboxes and aliases a non-super admin can create per-domain;
  • Activate / deactivate admins, domains, mailboxes and aliases at the click of a button;
  • Full logging;
  • Facility for users (mailbox owners) to change their password;

Additional features include:

  • Very configurable including:
    • set default values for quotas, number of mailboxes and aliases for domain creation;
    • added additional columns to the mailbox schema (including UID, GID, homedir and maildir);
    • templated welcome and settings email for users;
  • Either plain or hashed and salted mailbox password support;
  • Admin users table is secured with salted SHA passwords;
  • Forgotten Password / Password Reset function for admins and mailboxes;