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Do you have an idea for a new product or service but are unsure how to progress it from design to implementation? Open Solutions provides an outsourced CTO and project management role that can turn your idea into a revenue generating reality. Contact us now to discuss how we can help turn your dream into a reality.

Case Study - WINI Technologies -

An excellent case study of how Open Solutions can provide the complete technical solution to our customers is WINI Technologies.

WINI Technologies have launched the WINIcabs service in March 2012 which connects a mobile caller directly to the nearest taxi without the use or requirement of a smart phone or app (although we have built one of those too). This is a truly unique application that has not been done anywhere before. Open Solutions have and continue to provide a CTO role since the founders of WINI first approached us with their idea in 2008.

In order to provide the complete solution to WINI, we have delivered:

Application Development
Open Solutions has built a complete web application which provides:
  • a front end web site, an administrator / back office portal, a driver portal, a customer portal, and an affinity portal;
  • integration to RealEx for credit card processing with automated account settlement, error handling and reporting;
  • a complete billing solution including invoicing, receipts, debtor management, VAT handling, and full accounting and reporting;
  • the full spectrum of user account management including logging, history, account locking and resets;
  • a unique CRM and communications module allowing communication and tracking of customer and driver queries via two-way SMS and email;
  • full driver application process management and provisioning including identity confirmation, photographing, software, billing, etc;
  • integration to Google Maps for displaying taxi positions, customer demand, and other reporting information;
  • and additional features which we cannot talk about!
Data Centre Services
Open Solutions have designed and built a dedicated point of presence for WINI Technologies in a secure carrier neutral data centre in Dublin and sourced all necessary infrastructure to build out their core network there. We manage all vendors including the data centre and IP transit providers and also co-location providers in other data centres where WINI have established smaller PoPs.
Internet Infrastructure and Managed Services
We have designed, built and continue to manage all the necessary Internet infrastructure for the continued development of the WINI application and the production services. Our NOC monitors these systems on a 24/7 basis.
Telephony and VoIP Services
One of the core elements of the WINI system is the telephony system which locates the customer, finds an appropriate taxi, brides the call with the driver and handles taxi acceptance / rejection of the job and job queuing and call back when necessary - and this is all 100% automated and all designed and developed by Open Solutions.

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