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Multi-Master LDAP Replication

Following up from my articles on Creating an LDAP Addressbook / Directory and then Securing LDAP with TLS / SSL, I’ll now focus on multi-master replication. Actually, this example will focus on master-master but it can easily be extended out to … Continue reading

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Securing LDAP with TLS / SSL

This is a continuation of a previous post, Creating an LDAP Addressbook / Directory where we add SSL encryption to the directory. In our case, we used a signed Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) (also known as a Subject Alternative Names (SAN) Certificate) … Continue reading

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Combatting SPAM in ISP Mail Servers

Fighting SPAM is not easy. Here’s an example of how we configured an ISP mail server cluster to reduce the SPAM load… Continue reading

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SIP Brute Force Attacks on the Increase

On our own Asterisk PBX server for our office and on some customer boxes with open SIP ports, we have seen a dramatic rise in brute force SIP attacks. They all follow a very common pattern – just over 41,000 … Continue reading

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