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Zend Framework 1 and Smarty as a Git Submodule

We use Zend Framework and Smarty extensively in our applications and to make these easily to deploy as well as maintaining supported versions of these against our applications, we’re beginning to include them as Git submodules. Unfortunately Smarty does not have a … Continue reading

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Monitoring Asterisk via SNMP

While Asterisk’s SNMP table is quite limited, it is still very useful. Yesterday we committed a complete Asterisk MIB implementation to OSS_SNMP. Before you can use it however, you’ll have to enable SNMP on your Asterisk host. There are instructions … Continue reading

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NOCtools – A Mixed Bag of Tools and Utilities for NOC Engineers

Last week we introduced OSS_SNMP, a PHP library for performed SNMP queries. Today, we are introducing NOCtools which uses this library to provide a number of useful tools including:  CDP Neighbours: for a given CDP enabled device, display its CDP neighbours … Continue reading

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A PHP SNMP Library for People Who Hate SNMP, MIBs and OIDs!

Today we are pleased to announce that we have open sourced and published a new PHP SNMP library on GitHub ( A lot of us hate SNMP. But we have to use it on a daily basis. Now, don’t get me wrong, … Continue reading

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“Go Faster” Websites – Introducing Minify

We’ve been minifying and bundling CSS and JS for years to ensure quick page loads of the applications we build. We’ve now generalised, documented and packaged the tool we use for this and released it under a BSD license so others can benefit. Continue reading

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ViMbAdmin :: New Release 2.0.6

Today, we’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of 2.0.6 which has a number of incremental fixes and improvements. Continue reading

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ViMbAdmin :: Major New Release :: V2

We’ve put some time aside over the last week to do a major UI overhaul on ViMbAdmin – specifically incorporating Twitter’s superb Bootstrap framework. The before an after’s tell a lot about this. Continue reading

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We’ve Just Launched TallyStick

TallyStick allows you to focus on what you love to do while it takes care of tracking and accumulating the time you spend on projects. As of today, TallyStick is live and open for business. Please sign up, take advantage of the one month’s free trial (with no credit card details required) and tell us what you think. Continue reading

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ViMbAdmin – Migrating to github

I, Barry, have recently been converted from and SVN user to a Git user. You can read about my road to Damascus moment over in my personal blog. As such I have converted my co-workers and we have migrated ViMbAdmin to GitHub. We feel that … Continue reading

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