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Monitoring LDAP – Example with Munin

Following up from my articles on Creating an LDAP Addressbook / Directory, then Securing LDAP with TLS / SSL and Multi-Master LDAP Replication; I’ll now look at monitoring LDAP with Munin as an immediate example and Nagios to follow. First we need to enable monitoring … Continue reading

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Nagios Plugin for Checking Backups via rsnapshot

We’ve just added a check_rsnapshot.php script to our nagios-plugins bundle on Github. This script will verify rsnapshot backups via Nagios using a number of checks / tests: minfiles - checks the number of files in a snapshot against a minimum expected number; … Continue reading

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NOCtools – A Mixed Bag of Tools and Utilities for NOC Engineers

Last week we introduced OSS_SNMP, a PHP library for performed SNMP queries. Today, we are introducing NOCtools which uses this library to provide a number of useful tools including:  CDP Neighbours: for a given CDP enabled device, display its CDP neighbours … Continue reading

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